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Contaminated Water Faucet with virus drop

7 Major Diseases Caused By Dr

7 Major Diseases Caused By Drinking Contaminated Water And Its Treatment The consumption of contaminated water, also known as raw water or raw water, can causevarious diseases and harm health, some of the infections that can arise are typhoid fever,hepatitis A, an intestinal infection caused by giardiasis, leptospirosis, amoebiasis and othersdiseases such as cholera, rotavirus, …

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Image man holding nose bad breath

7 ways to stop bad breath

Imagine you have gone out for a date with someone and you really like the person and have a positive vibe building up, but the moment you get close, a bad whiff from your partner’s mouth hits your nose. Pretty embarrassing, off-putting and gross, right? That is what bad breath can do. You will be …

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Nerve Cells

9 Vital Tips To Treat Nerve Pain

An irritated or damaged nerve usually causes nerve pain. This form of pain is also called neuropathic pain or neuralgia. Someone with nerve pain often feels a tingling, or burning pain for a long time. The complaints usually do not resolve without targeted treatment. How does pain arise? Everything you see, smell and feel goes …

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Lady Jogging in Park with Headphones shedding pounds

Tips to Shedding Weight For Females

Shedding weight for females Permanent fat reduction requires a commitment from you that is long-term. Efficient weight reduction does take time, plus the more slowly you trim the pounds, the safer and healthier the method will likely be. You can easily and realistically lose a couple of pounds every week by following a smart, nutritious …

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