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Working With a Local Greenwood Health Insurance Agent

Greenwood , Indiana – If you live near Greenwood or south Indianapolis and have lost health insurance recently, you may seek out the help of an independent Greenwood Health Insurance agent. There are a few things to look for when deciding to work with a local broker though.


First, does the health insurance agent represent several companies or are they employed by one insurer? This is important because no one company has the right product for everyone. Doctors networks, drug formulatory list and covered services will vary between insurers and it’s important that your agent find the right policy for your needs. Many agents are whats called a captive agent, they work for and sell one carriers insurance products. A health insurance broker on the other hand is independent and works with several insurance companies to help you find the right policy for you and your family.


Second, is your Greenwood health insurance agent certified with CMS to offer ACA plans? While you may not need an ACA plan this is important because you’ll at least want to compare plans that are non ACA complaint to those that are. This is especially important if you have any pre existing conditions or health issues that a non ACA will not cover.

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Depending on the complexity of your case you may also want to make sure that your agent has education and experience is dealing with more complex issues. One such example of credentials for agents that deal with more complex life insurance cases is the Charted Life Underwriter (CLU) credential.  It’s also advised to ensure that your agent is currently licensed in your state, up to date on continuing education credits and doesn’t have any complaints with the state department of insurance (DOI). You can check for agent complaints by calling your states DOI office. Also, in most states you can verify an agents license is active through a link on the states DOI website, such as Indiana’s Sircon Consumer Inquiry system.

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Lastly, Insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. Does your health insurance agent meet with you to go over plans and allow you to see Greenwood City Seal green and blackwhat’s being offered in black and white? Even honest phone brokers have trouble explaining everything over the phone and many times there are misunderstandings after the sell. We live in Greenwood and meet with our customers face to face. Meeting with your agent and reviewing plan materials insurers that you pick the right plan for you and your situation. It’s also important because you have a local contact that you can meet with if misunderstanding arise or you need to make changes to your plan.

Obviously there may be other things you want to look for when searching for the right health insurance agent. It’s good to be able to call and speak with a potential agent before you set a time to meet. This way you can ask questions and make sure that you’ll be meeting with someone that has your best interest at heart and is able to assist with your individual situation.

If you need a local Greenwood, Indiana or surrounding area health insurance agent give us a call or click on book an appointment at and let us help you find your next plan. When you work with, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting honest, dependable service.

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