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Medicare Plans in Limestone County AL

Medicare plans become available to a person after they reach age 65 or satisfy other criteria that apply, like having a disability. With Medicare, you get access to specially curated healthcare plans offered by several different organizations.

medicare cardThe plans available under Medicare are dependent on features such as location. For the different types of Medicare options available, you can choose from the offers specific to your county. Although the registration of Medicare is automatic after a person reaches 65, they also have to choose their preferred plan from those options available. An overview of the offers available under Medicare for Limestone County Alabama is presented in this article.

It is important to mention that the open enrollment registration is open from October 15th to December 7th allowing eligible persons to opt for different plans that are available in their county. Thus, both 2019 plans and 2020 plans, which one could register for, are highlighted here.

Medicare advantage plans for Limestone County

12 2019 Medicare advantage plans are available for persons in Limestone County. These plans are also available in different categories which include HMO, PPO, regional PPO and PFFS. These plans are offered by different organizations with varying features and benefits.

HMOs and PPOs are the most common types of Medicare advantage plans. There are 5 PPOs on the list. The list also has 4 HMOs, 1 PFFS and 2 regional PPOs. The HMO Medicare advantage plans available in Limestone County include a plan with a rating of about 4.5 stars, this plan does not have a monthly premium listed but has an in-network out-of-pocket maximum of $6,700 and a copay of $40 for every visit to a specialist. Benefits of this plan include transportation, vision, dental, hearing and fitness.

Advantage Complete is a PPO available in Limestone County. It is offered by a local insurer and has a rating of about 3.5. Although a monthly premium is not listed for this plan, it has other features such as a $100 drug deductible. The maximum out-of-pocket expenditure that can be made with this plan is $7,500 in and out of the network and $4,900 within the network. This plan has fitness as well as vision, hearing and dental benefits.

For 2020, 15 Medicare advantage plans have been listed. These plans are also available in different categories which include PPO, HMO, regional PPO and PFFS. There are 5 PPOs and 2 regional PPOs on the list. One can also choose from any of the 7 HMOs on the list or the PFFS plan that is listed.

The PFFS plan on the 2020 Medicare advantage plan list for Limestone County has a rating of about 3.5. This plan has a monthly premium of 119.00. Other features of the PFFS plan include an out-of-network health plan deductible of $1,000. A drug deductible of 435.00 applies to this plan too. The out-of-pocket maximum both within and outside the network is $6,700. With this plan, one also pays a $40 copay per consultation with a specialist. The plan is associated with dental, fitness, hearing and vision benefits. As you can see a PFFS plan typically will have a higher cost share but also offers more flexibility in the care you receive, usually allowing you to use the services of any doctor that will accept the plans terms.

One of the regional PPO plans available in Limestone County has no monthly premium listed for their plan. The features listed include an annual deductible of $500. For every consultation with a specialist, a $30 copay applies. Out-of-pocket max of $5,100 for within and outside the network and $3,900 for within the network applies, respectively.

Prescription drug plans for Limestone County

One can choose from any of the 29 prescription drug plans available in Limestone County Alabama. These plans have varying features and are offered by different organizations to accommodate different prescription healthcare needs.

One of the prescription drug plans available in Limestone County has a rating of 3.0. A monthly premium of 15.50 applies to this plan. A drug deductible of $415 also applies to the plan. This is the part D plan for Limestone County with the least monthly premium.

Another part D plan that is available in Limestone County has features such as a Limestone County Logomonthly premium of 34.40 and a drug deductible of 415.00. This plan has a 3.0 rating as well. Customers can save considerable amounts of money by using a preferred pharmacy with this plan and many others.

One can also choose the Enhanced Plus drug prescription plan with a monthly premium of $119.90, the highest cost on the list. Other features of this plan include the fact that no drug deductible is attached to it. So co-pays and co-insurance apply to this plan from day 1.

For 2020, 30 part D plans have been listed for Limestone County. These plans range from the Value Rx Plan with a monthly premium of 13.20 and drug deductible of 435.00 to the Enhanced Plus plan with a monthly premium of 126.70 and no drug deductible.

Medigap policies for Limestone County

Different Medigap plans are available to persons that are above 65 years old. These plans are designed to supplement existing Medicare plans. The Medigap plans available for Limestone County include the following.

Medigap plan K is one of the plans available in Limestone County. It has a monthly premium range of $43 to $86. A $185 part B deductible is applicable to this plan. Other features of the plan include the $2,300 deductible, after which all expenses are covered and the standard part A deductible. This plan offers foreign travel emergency benefits, plan B excess charges and access to skilled nursing facilities.

Medigap plan C is also available in Limestone County. It has features such as a monthly premium range of $116 to $208. It covers the part A and part B deductible and covers the 20% of the expenses not covered by Medicare.

It is important to choose the plan that caters to your needs the most. The decision could require the expert insight of an agent. If you’d like to work with an agent at no cost to you, set a time to meet with us online or contact us at the number above.

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